Bob Ferraro is a fine artist from Connecticut with styles ranging from traditional to whimsical.

Find Bob and his work at shows from Florida to Cape Cod.

“Into The Blue” 34×36 3D starfish on red oak

“50 Shades of Blue with 3D Starfish” 24×49 oil on red oak (sold)

“3D Starfish on Maple” 16×16 oil on maple & teak (sold)

“Egret on Dyed Live Edge Wood”

“Surfing Dirty” 30×40 Oil on canvas (sold)

24×48 Oil on red oak (sold)

30×40 Oil on canvas

“50 Shades of Blue” pt. 12 Oil on red oak 24×36 (Sold)

“I’m Buying” 38×48 Oil on red oak

“High & Dry” 16×20 Oil on linen (sold)

“Rosie” 34×46 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Sunset, Paradise” North Captiva 12×39 Oil on red paint

"Local Fisherman"

“Local Fisherman” 42 x48 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Coming Home” 30×72 Oil on red oak

“All That Glitters” 24×30 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Stars & Stripes For All” 24×36 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Starfish On Parade” 24×84 Oil on red oak

“50 Shades of Blue” Part 10 24×43 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Silver Sea” 24×54 Oil on red oak (sold)

Handsome Hank (sold)

Double Trouble

“Perseverance” 18×24 Oil on red oak (sold)

“Another Day In Paradise” 24×96 Oil on red oak (sold)

“The Rush” (sold)

50 Shades of Blue part 7 (sold)

“Summer Fun, In Blue” (sold)

“Summer Fun” The Lewis Family (sold)

“50 Shades Of Blue” part 8 (sold)

“Joyous” (sold)

50 Shades of Blue part 6 (sold)

“To Us” (sold)

50 Shades of Blue part 3 (sold)

“Three’s A Crowd” (sold)

“Chip” (sold)

“Happy Hour” (sold)

“Tropical Punch Drunk” (sold)

“Pride” (sold)

“Buddy” (sold)

“Gordon” (sold)

“Life Is Short, Let’s Dance” (sold)

“Can’t Stop Me” (sold)

“Taking A Bow” (sold)

“Bill” (My studio mate) sold

“Henry The Third” (sold)

“No Fear” (sold)

“Summer Wave” (sold)

“Our Golden Years” (sold)

“On Top Of The World”

“No Limits” (sold)

“We Rise By Lifting Others” (sold)

“I Don’t Feel Blue 2” (sold)

“A Star is Born” (sold)

“Hope After Loss” (sold”

“Henry Of North Captiva 2” (sold)

“Henry of North Captiva”(sold)

“Wave Study” (sold)

“Dancing with the Starfish” (sold)

“She Said Yes” (sold)

“Happy Together” (sold)

“Rolling In” (sold)

“Two Souls One Heart” (sold)

“Dance With Me” (sold)

“Irish Landscaper 2”

“Dream” (sold)

“Celebration” (sold)

“Home Of The Free” (sold)

Cliffs Of Moher Raven

“Henry” (sold)

“Wave Study” (sold)

“Egret” (sold)

“Great Egret” 48×48 (sold)

“Here I Come” (sold)

“Irish Landscaper 1” (sold)

“Great Blue” (sold)

“Snowy Egret” (sold)

“Song For The Sea” (sold)

“Bill” (sold)

“Katniss & Peeta” (sold)

“Great Blue” (sold)

“Broadway on the Beach” (sold)

“Egret” (sold)

“Party Time” (sold)

“Jimi” (sold)

“Snowy Egret” (sold)

“Slea Head Beach” (sold)

“Archie” (sold)

“Reach for the Stars” (sold)

“Joy” (sold)

“Great Blue Heron” (sold)

Munchkin (With Smoking Jacket) sold

Will You be my Friend? (sold)

“Take Me Higher” (sold)

“Bad Hair Day” (sold)

“Black Eagle” (sold)

“Wave Study” (sold)

“Smiley” (sold)

“The Happy Couple” (sold)

“Wave Study 3” (sold)

“Dunes Study” (sold)

Doolin Waves

“Dingle Peninsula” (sold)

“Let The Fun Begin” (sold)

Untitled (sold)

“Island Of Misfit Balloons” (sold)

“Rise and Shine” (sold)

Untitled (sold)

“Macaque” (sold)

Wave Study (sold)

Untitled (sold)

“I Don’t Feel Blue Original” (sold)

Dreaming Of Summer

“Hidden Message” (sold)

“Beneath the Falls” (sold)

“Jekyll Island” (sold)

“Take Me There” (sold)

“My Favorite Wave” (sold)

“Last One In Is A Jellyfish” (sold)

“Regan Boys” (sold)

“Shining Through” (sold)

Untitled (sold)

“Wave On Oak” (sold)

“Red Kayak” (sold)

“Rolling” (sold)

The Banjo Player

“Evening Begins” (sold)

“Masquerade” (sold)

Self Portrait With Dancer

SRV • Oil pastel on board 16×20